J120 front copy

J/120 Genoa Trim


Right: This view of the bottom 30% of the sail shows the foot just kissing the chainplate. Note the halyard is tensioned so no wrinkles run aft from the headstay.


J120 tune 013

Right: This 155% Class Max Genoa (12600 dpi Aramid) is set-up is for "fast forward sailing and is slightly depowered. The halyard is tensioned to remove all wrinkles from the luff and backstay is tension is 80% of maximum.

J120 tune 014

Right: the same sail is shown in less breeze, with the sheet eased approximately 8" from the normal position. The sail shape is very similar to that shown above, with the draft location set a bit further forward.

J120 tune 016

Right: This trimmers view shows the top 77% of the sail. Sheet tension is adjusted so the top spreader patch makes gentle contact with the upper spreader. The spreader patch is perfectly located to make contact with the rig at mid-patch. Unlike the light moderate set-ups in the above photos, this set-up is best for acceleration and rough water. All the telltales are flying, yet if the conditions permit, it may pay to sail with the top telltale on the weather side lifting up slightly.

J120 tune 015